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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Marriage

nariWhile marriage can be good for you in a lot of ways — someone to share the financial burdens, a partner in taking out the trash, a standing Friday-night movie date on the couch — the effects on your health aren’t always positive, particularly when it comes to your waistline. You hear the anecdotal jokes about people getting married, and then when the pressure is off to find a partner or woo a partner to get hitched, the pounds creep on. But it turns out it’s actually true.

Reports suggest that married folks pack on the pounds when compared to their unmarried peers. One report suggests that newlyweds who are satisfied in their marriage gain weight in the early years after swapping vows. It may not be just a few pounds, either, as marriage actually increases obesity rates.

Researchers are always introducing fascinating new findings when it comes to marriage and its effects on health. Unhappy relationships, for instance, can be as bad for the heart as a smoking habit, and troubled marriages may leave people less healthy than if they’d never swapped vows. And the likelihood of weight gain can negate some of the positive health benefits of marriage. With all of the research out there, I went about finding some of the health benefits of that old ball-and-chain. One factor seemed to stand out over and over again: marital conflict can lead to poorer health, and happier marriages make for healthier people.

While I’m definitely a few pounds heavier than I was when I got married, I like to blame that on the two kids I’ve had in the last few years rather than my husband and the marriage. After all, I managed to maintain my weight in the five years we were married without kids, so I’m thinking I’ll end up back at that weight … eventually. But weight aside, studies supporting the benefits of marriage on health abound. Here are just a few ways marriage is good for your health — and just may save your life! Source: Babble

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Updated: January 25, 2022 — 11:59 pm

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